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Challenge Accepted is a motivational goal journal that is designed to help you accomplish, overcome, and actualize small, daily goals so that you can become more productive, happy, and successful on a consistent basis. There is something truly gratifying about setting a quick daily challenge and achieving it. That’s what this journal is for! Here's how it works: First, set a specific, personal objective that you would like to complete by the end of the day. This can be anything from challenging yourself to accomplish a daily fitness goal, exercising for 30 minutes, reading for one hour each day, or sticking to your diet. Whatever you choose is perfectly fine. Just remember that you are trying to fulfill one challenge per day, so don’t make it too lengthy. You’ve got other things to do today! Next, briefly write down how you are going to achieve your goal in 1-5 steps. This is your plan of action. All conquerors need one. You don’t have to fill out all five steps. Some challenges may only take one. Whatever it takes to finish your task, write it down. Lastly, remind yourself why you chose this challenge because it is always important to know why you are doing something and how it will make you a better individual. In fact, a driving purpose can motivate you even more! Challenge Accepted is the perfect, simple way to stick to goals and track your progress day by day.

Challenge Accepted: A Journal to Help Women Consistently Accomplish Small Daily

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